8 Popular Japanese Clothing Stores

Traditional Japanese clothing is usually known to be a kimono and the accessories that go along with the kimono style. Japanese clothing has a long and rich history with a unique fashion style and various well known Japanese clothing brands. Nowadays not many people wear a kimono on a daily basis, but there are many clothes for sale that can be worn casually in daily life. From the kawaii Harajuku girls style, to sophisticated(and sometimes expensive) Japanese designer clothes, there’s something for everyone in Japan. Find out about popular Japanese fashion stores and trends before you visit Japan! This is our list of popular Japanese clothing stores.

Before we dive into the wonderful world of fashion here in Japan, we’d like to let you know about a few things. Japan is one of the biggest fashion hubs in the world and definitely has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking for cheap, functionable clothes, limited designer items or something super kawaii, Japan has got you covered. But before going on a shopping spree, let us explain a little bit about shopping in Japan and how it might differ from shopping in your home country.

The first thing you will notice, or maybe the second thing after the style here, is that the sizes can differ a lot from other countries, especially if you come from a Western country. Typically, Japanese clothing is smaller, so pay attention to the length of sleeves and trouser legs and the so-called ‘Asian fit’. When you hit the shops, staff generally follow you around, but don’t worry this is normal in Japan! They are trying to bring you impeccable service so don’t get uncomfortable and feel free to ask them anything you might be wondering.

Next, when you want to try on clothes, be aware that it is super common to take off your shoes in the dressing rooms. Woman are also asked to cover their face with a white sheet to prevent makeup from ruining the clothes. When you are done, it is considered very rude to leave clothes in the dressing room. So when you are finished trying on clothes, the staff and other customers would appreciate it if you returned the clothes to them.

Lastly, always try to check the return and exchange policy of each store. In Japan it is not common that the store will allow you to return your purchased goods. When you are an overseas resident, also make sure to ask for the tax-free shopping options! As an international tourist you can save a great amount of money shopping tax-free.

Sales period in Japan

Japan has a reputation for being expensive, but despite this, there are some ways to save a few yen and shop cheaper. The best time of year to go shopping is either December or January, when most Japanese stores have their winter sales. The peak for summer sales in Japan is from late June to mid July. Besides these two major sales periods, the first week of January(for holiday shopping and the famous lucky bags) and Golden Week(for spring sales) are also good times to go shopping.

Types of Japanese fashion

Recently, two types of Japanese fashion have been gaining popularity among both Japanese people and people all over the world, “プチプラファッション(Petit-pura fashion)”, and “セレクトショップ(Select shop)”. Let’s see what kind of stores they are.

プチプラファッション (Petit-pura fashion)

Nowadays, functional and stylishly designed clothes that you can purchase at reasonable prices are very popular in Japan. Stores that sell such clothes are called “プチプラファッション (petit-pura fashion)” in Japan. “プチ(Petit)” means “little” in French and “プラ(pura)” is an abbreviation of “price”. Petit-pura fashion has gained a huge following among Japanese students and families, regardless of age. Not only are they inexpensive, but a variety of different kinds of clothes, from casual clothes for daily life and sports, to formal clothes for lunches and dinners, are sold.

セレクトショップ (Select shop)

There is another type of fashion stores called “セレクトショップ(select shop)” in Japan, which sell products from multiple brands in addition to their own brand. Select shops are basically scaled-down departments stores. Their prices are often higher than those of petit-pura fashion. But in the case of select stores, products of other brands are displayed in addition to their own brand. Their original purpose was to be a place where you could go to discover new brands and see them combined together in a refreshing way by people that understood and followed the trends. This was, of course, before magazines and the internet made their appearance. The biggest appeal of select shops nowadays is that you can find products from a variety of brands and get inspired by the latest global fashion trends at one store 카지노사이트

Designer clothes

Japanese designers are known for their distinctive trends and minimalistic style. Recently, Tokyo has become one of the biggest fashion cities in the world with many local designers trying their luck. Tokyo Fashion Week is, unlike other big fashion weeks around the globe, known for their smaller label exhibitors that can be quite expensive and exclusive.

Online shopping

With COVID19 affecting all of us, the whole world has shifted to doing a lot of its shopping online. Like everyone else, Japan has moved in this direction as well. There are lots of Japanese clothing stores online where you can do your shopping and I’m sure there is a store that has what you’re looking for. There are even some stores that have a service where they will do a video call with you and show you their selection as well as how each item fits and looks when tried on 온라인카지노. It’s a pretty amazing world we are living in! Many of the clothing stores on our list also have an online store and some even have stores in other countries as well. Have a look at their official websites for all of the details!

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