The Sober Life: What to Expect in the First 30 Days

If you miss a shift at work, you’ll have to answer to a house manager in addition to your employer. The presence of peers in your living arrangement will show you that no one is going to excuse a lack of action and sticking to your commitments will help make you more independent in life. You are completely right when saying you have to want to be sober for yourself. When getting well for someone else it can lead to resentment in the relationship and higher chances of relapse.

  • Having a strong support system is essential when overcoming drug addiction and seeking sobriety.
  • If you or someone you know is a recovering addict struggling to cope with sober living, give us a call today.
  • Shame is having negative beliefs about yourself and your self-worth.
  • So if you’re drunk and communicating with someone in distress, if the dopamine is telling you everything is peachy, then you assume that’s the case for everyone.

Not just life choices that enable an addiction, but that are objectively right for you. When you’re drinking, you lose all ability to process rational thought and your brain acts mainly on impulses and immediate gratification. This leads to poor judgement as all decisions are a means to an end for an addict. Alcohol effectively numbs your feelings and let’s go of your inhibitions.

Living Sober vs. Getting Sober

If you have no idea, that question can be frustrating. It reminded me that I was aimless, which made me want to drink more. sober life I wanted to be happy, social, have more meaningful relationships, but I was unwilling to branch out or try anything new.

sober life

Meanwhile, there’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep after a full day of being sober. When you’re sober, your body is restored and your mind refreshed. Your brain is able to operate at it’s proper speed, meaning you get your REM sleep, your body restores its muscles, and you start dreaming again.

A Different Version: Living a Sober Life

Stay strong by holding tight to a tangible idea of why you’re not drinking. Mine is always to centre on the feeling of waking up in the morning without a headache and anxiety, and to be a kinder and more creative individual. We can all attest that drinking alcohol encompasses both stimulating and sedating effects. I am here to share that getting and staying sober is the same. This isn’t to say that all of your friends will be threatened, or that all of your friendships will change.

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